How to Buy Crypto in the UK in 2021

Binance Jersey

Accepts UK Credit Cards

Binance Jersey is the second best option for UK residents to buy crypto right now. It accepts GBP and is the biggest crypto exchange in the world.

It has traditionally been difficult to buy crypto in the UK, but not anymore. So many options exist now to make the process fast and easy. From utilising your Paypal account, to using your debit or credit card you can now buy bitcoin in pounds sterling and not mess arround having to worry about currency conversion rates.

How to Buy Crypto

7 Steps to Buy Crypto in the UK

1. Open a Binance Jersey Account

Goto Binance Jersey

2. Verify Identity

Binance Verification

Then choose what type of ID you will be using to verify your account, either your passport or driving license:

Binance Choose ID Type

When you get to this screen, choose the “upload file” option if you’re using a laptop. We’ve found that the take photo option (which uses your laptop’s camera) is very difficult to get a clear photo from, and most of the time photos are rejected.

Instead take a photo from your mobile phone and email it to yourself. Then download it to your laptop and click the upload file option. If you’re using a mobile its ok to use the “take photo” option because it will use the phones cameras anyway which will be easier to get a clear shot which will be accepted by the ID moderators.

Binance - upload file

3. Deposit Funds in British Pounds

Send funds from your bank account to Binance. To deposit British Pounds, click Funds, then Deposits. Make sure you’ve completed account verficiation

Binance how to desposit

4. Decide which Crypto to Buy

Once you’ve got your Binance Jersey account setup which crypto should you buy? You could buy Bitcoin, or Ethereum, or a thousand other cryptocurrencies. We think buying Ripple might be your best bet, read why below.

5. Make the Purchase

Find the cryptocurrency you want by searching for it in the search box. For example, if you want to buy bitcoin type in “BTC”. On Binance Jersey you’re looking for the option to buy using GBP so select BTC/GBP. Enter the amount you wish to buy. Ensure that your order type is listed as a “market” order. Then click buy.

6. Withdraw your crypto

To withdraw your money back to your bank account click Funds then Withdrawals.

Binance withdraw

7. Store your Crypto Safetly

When you buy bitcoin, the best way to store your bitcoin is by using a Trezor.

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