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CEX.io Review

Use a bank transfer to deposit into your CEX.io account

Use your bank account with a simple bank transfer to get British Pounds direct into your CEX.io acccount.

buy bitcoin using a bank transfer

Just follow the instructions and use your online banking to complete the bank transfer making sure to include the reference number that CEX.io gives you. CEX.io also supports Faster Payments for extra quick funding of your account.

How to use a credit card to buy with CEX.io?

It couldn’t be easier, just click the buy button once logged in as shown below:

Buy Bitcoim Using a Credit Card on CEX.io

Is CEX.io safe and secure?

Yes, we can confirm many safe withdrawals following successful trading sessions with CEX.io. Stability is of the highest priority for CEX.IO. It is backed by system and user account security, safe cold cryptocurrency storage, financial viability, and legal compliance. Throughout the history of CEX.io, noone has  experienced account funds theft or hacking.

Where is CEX.io located?

24th Floor One Canada Square, Canary Wharf London E14 5AB, United Kingdom

Buy Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash Using CEX.io

These popular cryptocurrencies are available in the GBP markets on CEX.io. Buy bitcoin and a lot more cryptocurrencies.

Does CEX.io accept prepaid cards?

CEX.io does NOT support prepaid cards as per their help files.

Use CEX.io Broker to Trade Cryptocurrency

CEX.io broker is a new platform where you can trade cryptocurrency using leverage. Cryptocurrency trading is more risky than buying normal cryptocurrency but the reward are higher too. For example if you have £100 to trade with, you can use 10x leverage to trade with £1,000 which will multiple your gains by 10 and also multiply any losses by 10. When trading this way be careful to never trade with more than you can afford to lose because a sudden change in market direction can wipe you out.

Buy & Sell Bitcoin with the CEX.io Mobile App

The CEX.io mobile app for Android  or iOS has 24/7 support via Zendesk and with instant deposits and withdrawals using your credit card. The app also has real time data which gives you access to the order book with a user friendly interface. You can also bypass the exchange feature completely and use the Instant purchase feature to get your cryptocurrency as soon as possible.

Does CEX.io require ID?

Yes, the easiest way to get verified on CEX io is to download the mobile app (see above) and use your phone camera to show them your ID:

cex io id verification

cex io logo

Accepts UK Credit Cards

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