How I Sent the Brexit Deal into Space Using Bitcoin in 6 Easy Steps

Beamed into space image using bitcoin

This week in the British parliament has been the most shocking I have ever witnessed. For example, the spectacle of watching Stephen Barclay, the Brexit secretary, spend 10 minutes giving a rousing speech to persuade people to back an extension to Article 50, and then he voted against it! There are other examples too numerous to mention. So what’s Brexit doing on a blog that usually covers topics like Bitcoin?

Sending Politicians a Message…

To send politicians a message I decided this weekend to literally send them Theresa May’s Brexit deal. But instead of sending it by post or by email I’ve sent it to them by satellite by which I mean I’ve beamed it into space.

…using Satellite & Blockchain Tech

To do this, I used a satellite service from blockchain technology company Blockstream. In 2017, Blockstream launched a service that beams the Bitcoin blockchain down from satellites covering North and South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. This could, for example, be used as a backup link for Bitcoin businesses in case the internet goes down. In January, Blockstream released an API that added the ability to broadcast messages using the satellite service and the “testnet” version of the experimental Lightning payment network for Bitcoin. The service moved to mainnet recently, meaning it is no longer free to use.

The Blockstream Satellite network broadcasts the Bitcoin blockchain around the world 24/7 for free, protecting against network interruptions and providing anyone in the world with the opportunity to use Bitcoin.

By eliminating cost barriers, people can now receive blocks at no cost, which allows more people to utilize Bitcoin and participate in the Bitcoin network.

Blockstream Satellite provides an alternative method for receiving the Bitcoin blockchain that is not affected by connection failure. So your Bitcoin money can be sent without an internet connection.

6 Steps to Sending the Deal to Space

1. Download the Text & Convert to .txt

I found the full version of Theresa May’s Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and then converted it to .txt format. The result is the Brexit deal in text format.

2. Split it into 10kb chunks

I then used this guide to spliting files to split the 820 KB Brexit agreement into 82 10KB .txt files. The results are here.

3. Have your Bitcoin wallet ready with funds

To buy Bitcoin we recommend Binance for UK citizens.

4. Send the first transaction

Select the First Brexit Deal File:

Select file

Bid the Price:

Broadcast a transmission

At the time of writing, there hadn’t been anything sent through the satellite system for over a day, and so the minimum bid of 50 mSat/byte is enough to bid to successfully transfer the file. Also add a further 10 mSat/byte for the Lightning Network fees for a total of 60 mSat/byte. For the 10KB file this translates to 0.00000604800 BTC. There are 82 10 KB files that make up the total 820KB file of the Brexit agreement. This equates to a total cost of 0.000495936 BTC or…

…£ 1.49 to send the whole 699 page Brexit deal to outer space!

Don´t forget to click “Submit” and then “Upload”.

Save Transmission ID & Authentication Code

Save Codes

Pay via the Bitcoin Lightning Network

Pay Bitcoin Lightning Invoice

To pay each invoice I followed this excellent guide to paying with the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

5. Repeat

I repeated the process 82 times 🙂

6. Verifying the Transmission

Here is a list of the transaction IDs in which the withdrawal agreement was sent:

Number File Code Transmission ID
1 AA 4c554339-db8c-4cee-896a-a0ad1a29c15a
2 AB 89d1ec4c-6de0-49ef-ae02-86dabc81229c
3 AC 3b94239b-af49-4e37-90d6-c671e4d08390
4 AD a9e323d3-45bf-4288-b435-aec601093d58
5 AE e73a6bc3-a111-48f1-851f-864a1262c68f
6 AF 182a93c7-0058-4fa7-8042-987890d48c16
7 AG c4c200a6-e2db-48ad-8234-1ba53a757d62
8 AH fc728521-9522-4ac5-adc2-ff3741ddf825
9 AI 45081461-b312-4dda-8454-f5f8fed867ad
10 AJ 255327c9-aa4a-4df9-a717-00a3fa637c69
11 AK 9f51bffe-0244-40c7-93b3-8babdf532164
12 AL c2978a11-7ddf-494c-bda9-cb925c915969
13 AM 369f5be4-b35f-4ac5-86a9-b1f5bbcaead6
14 AN 4476597e-95f5-41fb-871d-01b3b0f577d0
15 AO 23b2e0be-23e4-4526-9227-50a11da5c1db
16 AP 1c0f16cb-c1c9-4a95-aa80-36d022343f9f
17 AQ 444b7f5e-f755-47f4-8a44-43267897e1c1
18 AR 387b9221-fa15-4dfb-aa3e-b54a73e2700c
19 AS 1835cf45-932e-4cd5-a913-607bf0e7a84d
20 AT ddd42b8f-8470-4d46-ae5d-7c62e4b8da56
21 AU 2b2fcb5a-f8d1-4dc2-af52-8c69ba931359
22 AV b4613ec4-79b6-40bc-948c-0a08ac3e825b
23 AW 6fb7175e-2855-4a81-9791-14ad0a984e07
24 AX 3d34b616-b6df-4a2a-87b7-28574e6acc52
25 AY 695da8e5-d229-48ec-a829-274c963f639b
26 AZ 343bb377-1d59-4aab-8852-f606c1c26609
27 BA a3e9669c-ae44-405c-8f69-d48854a4298c
28 BB f7f94b0e-58c9-47b6-9826-9fa8a2acab8e
29 BC 6da5dd3d-7c8d-4555-afe1-23fd90a31787
30 BD f825e017-f64e-491e-8907-31c26bf99266
31 BE dbdcd2b3-2840-4aaf-b2c3-33b2e7373011
32 BF 5f2dd629-7da8-466d-b0b8-3706a6e18d2b
33 BG fba2ee43-52ac-4178-ad29-292fd7d90cda
34 BH b4105d72-b42d-457c-9e5e-e6e72a0267b7
35 BI d13b77c7-34ea-4d32-a9ed-54b62e9b872e
36 BJ b08920ec-22ba-4bb4-8396-104e199f980c
37 BK a5252090-69e8-42cd-9b9b-12149d96faf0
38 BL 608a091b-9976-48ca-a022-18db3e1b0510
39 BM 466850ba-27fe-41be-9939-cbb215af07f2
40 BN 63d42a95-f996-425c-9c7e-bc7a56b0bfef
41 BO 4262232b-4a99-4814-8238-b2cc5be761ec
42 BP e5ae8455-7955-4156-a050-44c09f027f93
43 BQ 9ece52c1-8509-4bb4-825f-b401fde62944
44 BR c205397e-b6d2-4e24-aa91-c64008bbf0f0
45 BS 3853c58c-6932-4be9-b018-fd27cb14425b
46 BT 6b27c843-4ab4-40b9-9a38-51db59d5516a
47 BU 8b929c5c-b7a4-4f0f-8033-f4551bc31297
48 BV ea94d63c-1460-4411-8a92-bdf8f5789ab8
49 BW e48ad70b-0bf8-41e4-a80c-cb3014dc3bde
50 BX e014b440-fcb3-402c-9d54-170d04e1830a
51 BY b7623750-7a17-4526-ba62-d899787dbe40
52 BZ f4384150-c806-435b-a5c6-239dcf6e8af2
53 CA 869282e0-dfb1-454e-957c-b461d769e657
54 CB 2b07fc0a-d537-4684-984d-c67c91ae086c
55 CC 6ffcf887-3891-4ccf-af77-71c61478008e
56 CD b62c9804-83cf-4d6c-a697-fa9a5d793e31
57 CE ab0905ea-0301-43ea-93a6-ab252af6a960
58 CF 5c3e2749-e601-42c0-9551-f0822d589918
59 CG 8a172ffc-0871-48e0-bbdc-cd9a1a51547a
60 CH d339a701-ec90-448c-957c-46247b798286
61 CI 69ce9f3c-3c51-4ddb-acb2-479c451ba97b
62 CJ 80a38fbf-70ef-4d86-9239-97f3ecabd809
63 CK 7128b771-02f5-49b6-aa13-fb53f741847f
64 CL a16fe103-bd4e-49fb-8fb4-522f65378a1b
65 CM d9b99309-bca7-4010-9dc8-62810d1d7aa3
66 CN 14f84011-435c-4ec1-b611-6d1ebc34acde
67 CO 50f79852-6f09-43e4-ae9f-fadb57a7817b
68 CP e39f452c-f786-4dce-90c7-6482f2caf527
69 CQ 4e0a06ec-5cbb-4d12-b32d-3403aa420207
70 CR 99b41422-06e2-4a81-b089-67a9980f2eaf
71 CS 00430b73-64b1-419e-a15d-b4f7ace78fd2
72 CT cf30efb4-7b00-4388-b6c4-9e913e3b8848
73 CU f7f8075d-521e-48c4-951f-e303543b763b
74 CV 26cba8b8-236d-4551-8e20-73b8f22c3d75
75 CW ee21a51c-ab64-4a4e-a575-8dc3bae43ce2
76 CX 1d3baef8-4507-43a3-adb9-5b31290dab5c
77 CY dba5bf76-fc83-4604-922c-f00e8456a741
78 CZ a2f801d9-7212-4409-9f8c-0491516f3d84
79 DA 866f1aa2-6249-46a7-a8a6-31c3563c0a0b
80 DB 0a6aae05-595e-48eb-9929-c41bd2ec108d
81 DC de108ee2-bd99-4fcc-be28-8c10e10e53af
82 DD 40121635-18ea-45fc-8547-477269fcc199

How to recieve the transmission

To recieve the transmission you will need a setup like this:

For a full guide on how to recieve the messages embedded in the Bitcoin blockchain see this excellent guide.

Normally I write about buying Ripple or articles about crypto exchange but this week I’m putting my crypto knowledge to good use by hopefully sending politicians a message: that the Brexit deal they promised to deliver will forever be encoded in the Bitcoin blockchain, that it will hurtle through space forever, and it is also right in front of them being beamed from above every day.

As far as I know this is a world first. Documents have been sent on the Bitcoin testnet before but never on the Bitcoin mainnet. As if we weren’t sick enough of Brexit already, it will now beam through everyone for as long as the Blockstream Satellite network is live.